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Heidi Mayfield

I paint with acrylics, charcoal, oils and encaustic wax often combining one or most of them in one piece of work. This process of working is not unlike life itself, when daily encounters and experiences come together to produce the moment. It's always new and can be unexpected and fully rewarding. I paint because I am compelled to.

Often there is a story. I like narrative work. I believe there is a story behind everything we do, everyone we meet and everything we feel. My art reflects mostly how I feel about the things that I encounter in life, the things that I do and do not have control over, as well as the feeling of experiencing... simply... beauty.

Other than painting in my studio, my favorite thing to do is immerse myself in the natural outdoors. The colors, the patterns, the organic movement of how nature develops and simply exists is a source of inspiration to me and shows up in my creative process.

I always wished I could sing, but I do, my palette is my sheet music, colors are my notes.  My song is the canvas.  I am an artist, art is my voice.